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BajaBoba embodies the nearby Farmer's Market atop each plate through the stone oven cooking, housemade pasta, and bushels of local farm goods.

Initially brought together by our love for bubble tea, all of our staff feel at home at Baja! Whether we are recording podcast episodes, writing blogs about friendships as adults, or just hanging out playing smash: at Baja, we feel at home. Come on in, or check out our blog below! Im sure you'll find someone or something you like :)

-The Baja Team

Our team

Awesome people

Ethan Delgado

Ethan Delgado started cooking in college for his frat, gaining notoriety for his signature 'Taco Burrito Taco'; a taco, inside a burrito, wrapped in a flour tortilla. After cooking at multiple traditional restaurants in Seattle, he eventually started BajaBoba in 2005 and his love for Delgado style tacos has spread throughout the Pacific Northwest since!

Joshua Laurent

Joshua has been with the Cordial team since he moved from Toronto in 2015. He loves walking his dogs, playing pinball, and of course, cooking.

Rachel Moinette
Event Coordinator

Rachel is an expert at providing unique corporate experiences for businesses of all sizes! In her free time you can find her playing Jenga with her family, unicycling, or busting a move at the Seattle Center.

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